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What we do:

The Anyas Podcast:
Women in Business

Our podcast is a teatime chat with your favorite women in business, hosted by Lindsay and Monika.

Join us on this adventure to have candid conversations with the most courageous and inspiring women who share their unfiltered business journeys. We speak with CEOs in marketing, social media, web3, AI, Kbeauty, authors & more.

Get ready for a personal dive as we uncover the hard work, challenges, and success stories that underpin entrepreneurship, fueling your journey to success. I’m telling you it’s a RIOT!

Book Club:
Self Development & Growth

Join our bookclub and get lost in a world of literature with like-minded women! Share opinions, insights, & recommendations. Join our live book club or check out the archive. Each carefully chosen book comes from our favorites to inspire you to go forth and create and of course –  slay!

Female Founders Community

We are a vibrant community committed to inspire, connect, and empower women in entrepreneurship. Drawing inspiration from The Anyas core values, we foster sisterhood, ignite innovation, nurture leadership and groth. Our mission is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial dreams and reality through education, support, and valuable resources.

Come be a part of The Anyas. 

Web3 Course for Brands and Influencers

5-week live beginners course in web3, curated to empower brands and influencers through exploring web3 and the metaverse. It offers exclusive access to all the latest trends and innovations in this new social and financial frontier full of opportunities.

Stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to this innovative journey!

Join The Anyas

Participate in a series of group workshops and coffee hours designed to empower women in entrepreneurship, leading to significant improvements in your business operations.

5 Week Workshop

5-week live course for influencers that explores web3, metaverse, AI and grants access to a community of other inspiring entrepreneurial women.

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